arules 1.5-2.1 (xx/xx/2017)

arules 1.5-2 (03/12/2017)

New Features

  • apriori: maxtime = 0 disables the time limit.
  • is.subset/is.superset uses now fast and memory efficient C code for sparse computation (contributed by Ian Johnson). sparse = TRUE is now the default. Note that the result is now a sparse matrix.

arules 1.5-1 (01/23/2017)

New Features

  • Added interest measure maxConf.
  • is.significant now supports in addition to Fisher’s exact test, the chi-squared test.
  • interest measures Fisher’s exact test and chi-squared (using significance = TRUE) can now produce p-values for substitutes (with complements = FALSE).
  • Added function DATAFRAME for more control over coercion to data.frame (e.g., use separate columns for LHS and RHS of rules).

Bug Fixes

  • Error message for sorting with an unknown interest measure.
  • abbreviate works now for rules correctly.

Internal Changes

  • Added registration code for native routines. This requires R 3.3.2.

arules 1.5-0 (09/23/2016)

Major Changes

  • apriori uses now a time limit set in the parameter list with maxtime. The default is 5 seconds. Running out of time or maxlen results in a warning. The warning for low absolute support was removed.

Bug Fixes

  • is.redundant now also marks rules with the same confidence as redundant.
  • plot for associations and transactions produces now a better error/warning message.
  • improved argument check for %pin%. Warns now for multiple patterns (was an error) and give an error for empty pattern.
  • inspect prints now consistently the index of rules/itemsets using brackets and starting from 1.

arules 1.4-2 (08/06/2016)

Bug Fixes

  • is.redundant returned !is.redundant (reported by brisbia)
  • Duplicate items when coercing from list to transactions are now removed with a warning.

arules 1.4-1 (04/10/2016)

New Features

  • added tail method for associations.
  • added/fixed encoding for read.transactions

Bug Fixes

  • Mutual information is now calculated correctly (reported by ddessommes).

arules 1.4-0 (03/18/2016)

New Features

  • The transaction class lost slot transactionInfo (we use the itemsetInfo slot now). Note that you may have to rebuild some transaction sets if you are using transactionInfo.
  • interestMeasure: performance improvement for “improvement” measure.
  • sort: speed up sort by always sorting NAs last.
  • head: added method head for associations for getting the best rules according to an interest measure faster than sorting all the associations first.
  • abbreviate is now a S4 generic with S4 methods.

Bug Fixes

  • combining item matrices with 0 rows (reported by C. Buchta).
  • itemLabel recoding in is.subset (reported by sjain777).
  • NAMESPACE export for %in%
  • is.redundant: fixed and performance improvement.
  • Groceries: fixed typo in dataset.

arules 1.3-1 (12/13/2015)

Major Changes

  • we now require R 3.2.0 so cbind in Matrix works.

New Features

  • is.maximal is now also available for rules.
  • added is.significant for rules (uses Fishers exact test with correction).
  • added is.redundant for rules.
  • added support for multi-level analysis (aggregate).
  • APparameter: confidence shows now NA for frequent itemsets.

arules 1.3-0 (11/11/2015)

New Features

  • removed deprecated WRITE and SORT functions.
  • subset extraction: added checks, handles now NAs and recycles for logical.
  • read.transactions gained arguments skip and quote and some defaults for read and write (uses now quotes and no rownames by default) have changed.
  • itemMatrix: coersion from matrix checks now for 0-1 matrix with a warning.
  • APRIORI and ECLAT report now absolute minimum support.
  • APRIORI: out-of-memory while rule building does now result in an error and not a memory fault.
  • aggregate uses now ‘by’ instead of ‘itemLabels’ to conform to aggregate in base.

Bug Fixes

  • ruleInduction: bug fix for missing confidence values and better checking (by C. Buchta).

arules 1.2-1 (09/20/2015)

New Features

  • Added many new interest measures.
  • interestMeasure: the formal argument method is now called measure (method is now deprecated).
  • Added Mushroom dataset.
  • Moved abbreviate from arulesViz to arules.

Bug Fixes

  • fixed undefined behavior for left shift in reclat.c (reported by B. Ripley)

arules 1.2-0 (09/14/2015)

Major Changes

  • added support for weighted association rule mining (by C. Buchta):
    • transactions can store weights a column called “weight” in transactionInfo.
    • support, itemFrequency and itemFrequencyPlot gained a parameter called weighted.
    • weclat extends eclat with transaction weights.
    • hits can be used to calculate weights from transact ions.
  • We are transitioning to internally use consistently data.frames with the correct number of rows for quality, itemInfo, transactionInfo and itemsetInfo. These data.frames possibly have 0 columns.
  • arules uses now testthat (tests are in tests/testthat).

New Features

  • sort can now sort by several columns (used to break ties) in quality. It also gained an order parameter to return a permutation vector (order) instead.
  • inspect gained parameters setStart, setEnd, itemSep, ruleSep and linebreak to control output better.
  • read.transactions now ignores empty items (e.g., caused by trailing commas and leading or trailing white spaces).
  • labels now returns not a list but consistent labels for objects
    (transactions, itemMatrix, rules, itemsets, and tidLists).
  • tidLists has now an inspect method, gained coercion from “list”, and has now a replacement method for dimnames().
  • Coercion from itemMatrix to matrix results now in a logical matrix.
  • fixed as(transactions, “data.frame”). The column names do now have no prefix (except if transactionInfo contains an item called “items”).
  • transactions has now its own dimnames function which correctly returns transactionID from transactionInfo as rownames.
  • replacement method for dimnames() checks now dimensions.
  • item labels are now internally handled as character using stringAsFactor = FALSE in data.frames and not AsIs with I(character).
  • rules can now have no item in the RHS.

Bug Fixes

  • fixed missing row labels for is.subset().

arules 1.1-9 (7/13/2015)

  • More work on namespace.
  • Fixed tests.

arules 1.1-7 (6/29/2015)

  • itemUnion: fixed bug for large amounts of dense rules.
  • crossTable gained arguments measure and sort.
  • Fixed namespace imports for non-base default packages.

arules 1.1-6 (12/07/2014)

  • dissimilarity method “pearson” is now set to 1 (max) for neg. correlation. Also added phi correlation coefficient.
  • discretize method “cluster” accepts now … passed on to k-means (e.g., for nstart)
  • merge for itemMatrix checks now for conformity
  • as(…, “transactions”): binary attributes are now translated into items only if TRUE.

arules 1.1-5 (8/19/2014)

  • Import drop0 from Matrix

arules 1.1-4 (7/25/2014)

  • C code: fixed problem in error message generation in apriori and eclat (this fixes the trio library problem under Windows)
  • C code: rapriori uses now STRING_ELT to be compatible with TERR (TIBCO)
  • C code: removed some unused variables.

arules 1.1-3 (6/17/2014)

  • Fixed dependency on XML and pmml
  • the interest measure chi-squared does now also report p-values (with significance=TRUE)
  • interestMeasure calculation checks now better for missing transactions
  • interestMeasure consistently returns now NA if not defined for a certain rule

arules 1.1-2 (2/21/2014)

  • discretize gained the parameter ordered.
  • itemwise set operations itemUnion, itemSetdiff and itemIntersect added.
  • validObject checks now rules more thoroughly
  • aggregate removes duplicate items from the lhs

arules 1.1-1 (1/16/2014)

  • is.superset/is.subset now makes sure that the two arguments conform using recode (number and order of items)
  • is.superset/is.subset returns now a matrix with appropriate dimnames
  • bug fix: fixed dimname bug in as(…, “dgCMatrix”) for tidLists
  • image: labels are now passed on correctly.
  • tidLists has now c().

arules 1.1-0 (12/10/2013)

  • bug fix: reuse in now passed on correctly in interestMeasures (bug reported by Ying Leung)
  • direct coercions from and to dgCMatrix is no longer supported use ngCMatrix instead
  • coercion from ngCMatrix to itemMatrix and transactions is now possible
  • C code: fixed misaligned address on 64-bit systems

arules 1.0-15 (9/6/2013)

  • service release

arules 1.0-14 (5/24/2013)

  • discretize handles now NAs correctly
  • bug fix in is.subset

arules 1.0-13 (4/7/2013)

  • transactions: coercion form data.frame now handles logical automatically.
  • discretize replaces categorize and offers several additional methods

arules 1.0-12 (11/28/2012)

  • Added read and write for PMML.
  • ‘WRITE’ is now deprecated, use ‘write’ instead
  • C code: Added a copy of the C subscript code from R for better performance and compatibility with arulesSequences

arules 1.0-11 (11/19/2012)

  • Fixed vignette.
  • Internal Changes for dimnames and subsetting

arules 1.0-9 and 1.0-10 (9/3/2012)

  • Added PACKAGE argument to C calls.
  • C code: Added C routine symbols to NAMESPACE for arulesSequence

arules 1.0-8 (8/23/2012)

  • fixed memory problem in eclat with tidLists=TRUE
  • added supportedTransactions()
  • is.subset/is.superset can not return a sparse matrix
  • added support to categorize continuous variables.

arules 1.0-7 (11/4/2011)

  • minor fixes (removed factor in dimnames for itemMatrix, warning in WRITE)
  • read.transactions now accepts column names to specify user and item columns (by F. Leisch)

arules 1.0-0 (3/24/2009)

  • Initial stable release version

arules 0.1-0 (4/15/2005)

  • Alpha and beta versions