All functions

Abbreviate function for item labels in transactions, itemMatrix and associations

Add Complement-items to Transactions

Adult Data Set

Computing Affinity Between Items

Class APappearance --- Specifying the appearance Argument of Apriori to Implement Rule Templates

Mining Associations with Apriori

Class associations - A Set of Associations

Calculate coverage for rules

Cross-tabulate joint occurrences across pairs of items

Data.frame Representation for arules Objects

Convert a Continuous Variable into a Categorical Variable

Dissimilarity Computation

Find Duplicated Elements

Mining Associations with Eclat

Epub Data Set

Groceries Data Set

Computing Transaction Weights With HITS

Visual Inspection of Binary Incidence Matrices

Income Data Set

Display Associations and Transactions in Readable Form

Calculate Additional Interest Measures

Find Closed Itemsets

Find Maximal Itemsets

Find Redundant Rules

Find Significant Rules

Find Super and Subsets

Item Coding --- Handling Item Labels and Column IDs

Getting Frequency/Support for Single Items

Creating a Item Frequencies/Support Bar Plot

Class itemMatrix --- Sparse Binary Incidence Matrix to Represent Sets

Class itemsets --- A Set of Itemsets

Getting the Number of Elements

List Representation for Objects Based on Class itemMatrix

Value Matching

Adding Items to Data

Mushroom Data Set

Read and Write PMML

Model Predictions

Simulate a Random Transaction Data Set

Read Transaction Data

Rule Induction from Itemsets

Class rules --- A Set of Rules

Random Samples and Permutations

Set Operations

Itemwise Set Operations

Number of Items

Sort Associations

Subsetting Itemsets, Rules and Transactions

The SunBai Data Set

Support Counting for Itemsets

Supporting Transactions

Class tidLists --- Transaction ID Lists for Items/Itemsets

Class transactions --- Binary Incidence Matrix for

Remove Duplicated Elements from a Collection

Mining Associations from Weighted Transaction Data with Eclat (WARM)

Write Transactions or Associations to a File

Methods for "[": Extraction or Subsetting in Package 'arules'