arulesViz 1.2-0.1 (xx/xx/2016)

  • arules_plotly uses now signif instead of round for quality measures.
  • arules_plotly shows correct rule indices for too large rule sets.
  • arules_plotly implements now jitter to reduce overplotting (defaults to .1 if overplotting would occur)
  • regular scatter plot also defaults jitter to .2 if overplotting would occur.
  • plot method “grouped” now shows the most interesting items instead of the most frequent items to represent antecedents. Also, if more than 10 RHS items are found, then only the 10 most important are shown (see control argument rhs_max)
  • scatterplot now handles Inf with a warning.

arulesViz 1.2-0 (10/02/2016)

  • improved graphical parameters for the grouped matrix plot.
  • default color scheme is now a grey-red ramp.
  • added inspectDT for interactive rules inspection using package DT.
  • added plotly_arules, interactive plots with plotly.

arulesViz 1.1-1 (04/10/2016)

  • plot method ordered now passes control arguments on correctly.

arulesViz 1.1-0 (12/13/2015)

  • abbreviate has been moved to arules.
  • fixed bug in grouped plots when the quality of many rules is identical.
  • plots use now heat colors.
  • scatter plots use now for lift zlim starting at 1.

arulesViz 1.0-4 (09/15/2015)

  • fixed empty LHS problem in grouped plot (reported by Andrew Collier)
  • Updated for arules version 1.2.0

arulesViz 1.0-2 (6/29/2015)

  • fixed imports from non-base standard packages.
  • plot (graph) now honors font family set via par(). (Bug reported by May Yang)
  • igraph: Updated NAMESPACE since igraph introduced functions with names that clash with arules and seriation. Transitioned to igraphs new layout me# Chanism.
  • itemsets: scatterplot is now also defaut for itemsets.

arulesViz 1.0-0 (12/07/2014)

  • Improved LHS annotation for grouped plot

arulesViz 0.1-9 (3/10/2014)

  • Cleaned up dependencies on Rgraphviz

arulesViz 0.1-8 (2/18/2014)

  • Cleaned up dependencies (moved most to imports)

arulesViz 0.1-7 (8/11/2013)

  • plot checks now if 0 rules/itemsets are used
  • scatterplots with a single rule now display correctly
  • transition from igraph0 to igraph

arulesViz 0.1-6 (5/25/2013)

  • plot method matrix does not accept custom colors

arulesViz 0.1-5 (3/02/2012)

  • fixed namespace (imports seriation now)

arulesViz 0.1-4 (11/7/2011)

  • fixed font family for igraph under windows (is now Arial).

arulesViz 0.1-0 (12/17/2010)

  • Initial version.